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Tongyuanchang Steel Co., Ltd

Qingdao TongyuanChang Steel Co., Ltd is the branch of Shanxi Tongyuan Industry, and the main business include Steel Trade,processing and distributing company. In May 2008, Qingdao Steel Service center got the CCS certificate in the Shipbuilding Industry.
Qingdao TongyuanChang Steel Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company of steel trade, processing and distributing which is a branch of Shanxi Tongyuan Group. Depending on the excellent shearing ability, Qindao Steel Service Center got the license by CCS in May, 2008.

Service center is 8000㎡ and have the typical workshop 2000㎡. The service center has 5 sets cut service machines line. The total ability is over 300000mts one year. At the same time, our service center has the train line and can stock 800000mts one year.
Qingdao steel service center with 6 sets of shearing equipment, the open yard of 8000㎡ and the storehouse of 2000㎡ has the processing ability of 300,000 tons one year. At the same time, the service center has the train line of 800 meters, the unloading equipment, and handles 800,000 tons one year.

Carbon Steel

Y.S. ≤330

T.S. ≤450

T: 3.0mm-16.0mm

Low Alloy Steel

Y.S. ≤430

T.S. ≤560

T: 3.0mm-14.0mm

High Tensile

Y.S. ≤500

T.S. ≤650

T: 3.0mm-12.0mm







Length Accuracy

≤±1.0 mm

Diagonal Accuracy

≤±1.5 mm

Cut edge Accuracy

≤±0.5 mm


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    Address:Weishan yard,Liuting Street, Chengyang District, 
                 Qingdao City, Shandong Province.
    Email: tongyuanchang@tysteel.com

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